Zoni English System, Grammar & Conversation

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Zoni English System, Grammar & Conversation

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Judul: Zoni English System, Grammar & Conversation
Penulis: Zoni Language Centers
Abstrak: The Grammar and Conversation intermediate level book helps students to learn more complex skills through integrated reading, writing, listening and speaking activities.This book also revises and expands upon major grammatical structures and introduces new skills.The Grammar and Conversation intermediate book is the fifth of 12 books that make up the proven Zoni English System. Zoni's system focuses on developing English as a Second Language (ESL) competency for any and all high school, college, or adult learners.The Zoni English System has been tested with hundreds of thousands of students in United States and Canada, and it has proven to be just as effective when delivered through virtual or online platforms as in a traditional classroom.
URI: http://books.google.co.id/books?id=FhGzzgEACAAJ&dq=intitle:conversation+in+english&hl=&source=gbs_api
Tanggal: 2022-12-03

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